Functional Optimisation

The real impact of banking platform upgrades, post-merger integration or digital transformation on the whole organisation are all too often neglected, significantly reducing the chances of successful outcomes. At Orbium, we focus early on business design and functional optimisation to help identify and deliver incremental benefits and commercial value.

Orbium, functional optimisation and operational best practice

It is vital to run a parallel review and optimisation of the broader business ahead of any transformation journey and change programme. This typically involves:

  • Identifying how the proposed transformation will materially affect clients, commercial outcomes, organisational processes and technology.
  • Assessing necessary changes across the full functional landscape, including end-to-end user journeys (including cross-channel), systems and processes (including , identifying missing or misaligned capabilities and resources, automation and streamlining opportunities, eliminating duplication of effort and the need for cultural change).
  • Ensuring all changes remain strategically consistent and aligned to a resilient but adaptable target operating model.
  • Implementing industry best practice and performance benchmarks to understand existing and target operational effectiveness relative to peers.

Orbium’s Bank360 consolidates all its experience and knowledge of wealth management best practice and functional optimisation into a comprehensive business framework. Bank360 brings together proven operating models, user journeys, business processes and productivity benchmarks that accelerate and ensure a holistic banking transformation, either as part of a wider programme, within a core banking platform replacement, or as a standalone initiative.

User journey design

Bank360 User Journeys allows industry best practice to be applied to the most important customer and user activities across wealth management.

From investment advisory and trade operations through to transactional banking, our proven end-to-end journey designs can accelerate client transformation initiatives. They help identify hotspots in current operations and prioritise strategic investment, as well as suggest innovative approaches and solutions to business challenges.

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Business and operating model design

A fully aligned and optimised operating model is a core requirement for delivering a successful transformation, including all the commercial benefits and business strategy.

Orbium’s Bank360 TOM and Functional Architecture framework help ensure a balanced model is designed for your business. It is fully aligned and integrated with the Bank360 user journeys and business processes to enable analysis of key functions and activities at the required level of granularity.

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Process optimisation

At the heart of Bank360 is our Business Process Library. Based on industry best practice, it covers in detail the key activities customers and business perform day-to-day.

The processes are proven and incorporate all the relevant regulatory requirements and latest core banking and digital technologies. They cover the most important activities end-to-end, from customer contact via the front office or other channels to compliance and operations – and all functions in between.

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