Digital Strategy Advisory

Gone are the days of user experiences being defined by the ever-evolving capabilities of software, its functionality and processes. Today, the focus is on getting the early design right for users in order to create lean and efficient front-to-back processes.

Digitalisation to drive customer engagement

Digitalisation demands that we find ways to integrate software modules and build situation-based technological support for banking customers. By staying relevant to the user, where passive information prevails, digitalisation projects can be defined by delivering lean customer experiences, tailored to individual needs. Client engagement is activated by a digital presence in the customer’s life, enabling clients to make relevant and timely contact via the channel of choice.

How to achieve these outcomes?

Successful digital transformation requires a change of culture just as much as the ability to translate business vision into an actionable digital strategy. Orbium has devised a way to do so through a wealth management specific approach to drive organisation wide evolution. A unique and central aspect of the approach is the translation of the digital vision, into its six core elements:


The value proposition


The users and the personas


The principles driving lean interactions among these personas


The choice of multi-channel management


Utility and other services


Supporting a change culture to drive digital innovation

This methodology is proven to help executives translate strategy into delivery for the short, medium and long terms. It also helps banks draw up guidelines for each business line on how to achieve long term objectives, such as managing challenges and evolution needs from legacy systems and fragmented data models.

Orbium’s unique approach helps identify the necessary cultural changes and addresses them centrally to drive better user adoption. The end result is the synchronised evolution of the entire organisation, free from product or process silos.

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