Standard courses

Orbium offers a range of standard courses to meet the needs of Avaloq Banking Suite business users. Whether your team is involved in client relationship management or a more specific area of service, such as portfolio management, investment advisory or cash operations, we can provide the right course. All our courses are available as instructor-led classroom activities or as self-paced e-learning.

Avaloq Introduction

This introductory course on the Avaloq Banking Suite (ABS) can take place over one or two days. It provides a thorough overview of the functional scope and concepts of the ABS and gives participants hands-on experience of navigating the system through practical exercises supervised by our highly skilled trainers. The course covers:

  • Introduction to the GUI
  • Order entry and processing
  • Static data concepts
  • Business desks
  • Cash-related transactions
  • Security-related transactions
  • Task and reporting desk

Avaloq Cash Operations

This is a one-day introduction to the Avaloq from a cash operations perspective. The course covers:

  • Internal transfers
  • External payments
  • Standing orders
  • Payment templates
  • Card transactions
  • Collective payments
  • Incoming payments
  • Forex transactions
  • Fiduciary call and fixed-term transactions
  • Money market transactions

Avaloq Securities Operations

This is a one-day introduction to the Avaloq from a securities’ operations perspective. Participants learn system functionality as well as security trading and custody features. The course offers hands-on experience through practical exercises covering end-to-end processes. It covers:

  • Stock exchange
  • Corporate actions
  • Securities transfer
  • Settlement
  • Mass settlement

A core banking platform is only as good as the people who use it. Our technical courses ensures that technical users understand the Avaloq Banking Suite capabilities and how these can be used effectively. The courses focus on, among other things, security, user administration and end-of-period processing. The courses can be delivered as instructor-led classroom courses or through self-paced e-learning.

Avaloq IT Operations

This is a five-day introduction to the concepts surrounding the ABS and its technical environment. It teaches how the ABS operates, the purpose of central services application and how to monitor, analyse and troubleshoot operational issues. The course covers:

  • An introduction to Avaloq
  • Standard interfaces
  • Output management modules
  • Operational exercises based on real life production scenarios
  • Avaloq administration application – central services
  • End-of-period concepts

Avaloq Security

This is a two-day course on the ABS from an IT security perspective. The course equips participants with the operational and administrative skills needed to perform user-management and Avaloq security-related activities. The course covers:

  • An introduction to Avaloq
  • Avaloq security concepts
  • Avaloq user management
  • Maintenance of a production security set-up
  • Avaloq security-related troubleshooting

Avaloq Operations for Management

This one-day course is designed to give a broad overview of Avaloq IT operations to the upper management overseeing this area.  Avaloq’s architecture and typical system landscape are introduced along with an overview of the functional Avaloq banking map. The standard IT-operation activities needed to run Avaloq in a bank are highlighted. The course covers:

  • IT and System Architecture
  • Basic Concepts and Functional Overview
  • Integration and Interfaces
  • Implementation and Release Management
  • IT Operation and Application Management

Avaloq Customisation Basics (ACB)

This intensive 10-day course aimed at participants wanting to become customisation specialists. It provides a thorough overview of functional areas, Avaloq tools and methods of customisation. It includes exercises and the solving of common business challenges. The course covers:

  • Introduction to customisation
  • Object modelling
  • Central services (administration)
  • Workflows
  • Cost, book and balance engines
  • Security basics
  • Avaloq script
  • Avaloq forms and order validation
  • Reports
  • Message interface