Learning Solutions

As the only official Avaloq Training Partner, Orbium is accredited to offer a wide range of technical and business-related courses, including the Avaloq Certified Customisation Professional (ACCP) course. Participants learn everything required to implement, maintain and use the Avaloq Banking System efficiently. We offer standalone courses and workshops, as well as bespoke courses tailored to individual and business needs.

Certified courses

Orbium is the only accredited Avaloq Partner to deliver courses that lead to a certified level of achievement. We also offer general and tailored courses for technical and business users, Learning and Development (L&D) projects and post go-live support. Highlights include:

  • A strong team of experienced trainers.
  • More than 50 successfully completed Avaloq Certified Customisation Professional (ACCP) courses for more than 600 participants.
  • Close co-operation with the Avaloq Academy ensuring that the training team is constantly refining training material to reflect the latest changes.

Avaloq Certified Customisation Professional (ACCP) course

This course covers all the knowledge and skills required to customise the main areas of the Avaloq Core Platform. Successful participants receive an internationally recognised certificate.


Standard courses for business users

We offer a range of standard courses aimed at satisfying the needs of Avaloq Banking Suite business users. These cover everything from overall client-relationship management to specifics, such as portfolio management.

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Standard courses for technical users

A core banking platform is only as effective as the people who operate it. With this in mind, we have developed a range of technical courses focused on, among other things, security user administration and end-of-period processing.

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Learning and Development projects

Orbium’s Learning and Development (L&D) projects support change initiatives including platform replacement, to ensure that the client’s medium- and long-term strategic goals are met. In our experience, this means that learning takes priority over performance support. We offer:

  • Training stream activities for projects such as platform replacement, where hundreds or thousands of employees must be prepared for ‘go live’.
  • Staffing of existing training streams, including our own training manager, trainer, e-learning specialist, Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) specialist and instructional designer.
  • Help to define client L&D processes and implement IT systems, such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) or EPSS.

Technology in training

Orbium uses technology throughout its Learning and Development (L&D) courses – from assessing needs to skill-honing and post go-live performance support – to deliver effective on-the-job training. We appreciate the long-term implications of using the right technology, even at the earliest stages, and are experts at matching any challenge with the right solution. This training includes:

  • Fully immersive software simulations
  • Fully responsive access via different channels
  • Lifelike user situations

Learning and Development (L&D) processes support

We offer role-oriented, end-to-end process/structure modelling and support to help banks implement L&D processes on different platforms, such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Microsoft SharePoint.

We can advise those looking to implement a platform and help select and implement the best one.

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