TestMaster – the innovative test automation tool used by over 60% of the Avaloq community.

Solutions for Avaloq

Orbium is passionate about software testing and constantly finding new ways to make automated testing as easy and cost effective as possible for our clients. Specifically developed for the Avaloq Banking Suite by our in-house experts, TestMaster, is a continuous testing platform. The tool provides a unified solution for automated and integrated testing, combining various methods to validate and upgrade the quality of your application throughout the whole development and testing life cycle.

90% Faster regression testing

75% Less time spend on bug and defect detection

55% Costs saved in fixing a bug

40% Less maintenance

60% Less manual testing effort

50% Faster time to market

“We have used TestMaster during our Person Object Model 2 project to reconciliation the data and to perform exhaustive objects verifications.”Luxembourg based private and commercial bank

“We are using the “Quality as a Service” provided by Orbium off shore team which has reduced our testing costs and improve the quality of our deliveries”Singapore based private bank

Key Features & Benefits


Model-based approach

API (DDIC) test cases are easily created using drag & drop functions, drop down-lists and Avaloq Metadata extraction to avoid scripting. Use the Test Case Designer Wizard to extract data from existing Avaloq orders, update test cases in mass and extract Metadata from DDIC, classes, Workflows, …


Release Management and Versioning

Test case versioning based on Avaloq ICE releases can cover multiple environments with different parametrisation. The Avaloq Release Upgrade Wizard selects automatically the right test cases linked to the corresponding release.


Multi-Channel Testing

TestMasters open architecture allows multi-channel testing (API, GUI, Web, Web Services, Data) to start test execution, perform checks, retrieve reports and create environments.


Test Data Organisation

Organise test cases in campaigns and scenarios for clear and structured processes. Separation of process and data creates business-readable re-usable test cases to avoid data duplication.


Test Management

The web-accessible business perspective of technical data to store test data, requirements, test descriptions and dependencies in business language. Define and prioritise test cases according to business risk and importance.


Reports & Dashboarding

Access detailed reports in Excel or web format, with print screens for GUI or Avaloq log with technical information. Scan databases with TestMaster Workflow Analyser to create process coverage reports based on the most used workflows and listing the test cases used.


Life Cycle Management

Test cases can be checked out and edited and run across all modules. With the TestMaster Environment Management, the same test cases can run across different test environments and databases. The Mass Update function allows the user to update test cases in bulk without the need for re-recording.


DevOps with TestMaster

Adapting to more Agile workflows is key for successful automation practices. With TestMaster, testing can shift left to detect bugs as early as possible in the development life cycle. Start testing as soon as code development is initiated saves time, reduces cost and creates a test-driven environment.

TestMaster overview

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