SecurEasy is a configurable security set-up that gives banks complete control over the use of their Avaloq Banking Suite system. It is currently used by more than 85% of the Avaloq community.

SecurEasy is recognised as the standard Avaloq security application

Key Benefits

  • Logs and traces all SecurEasy actions for better risk management and accountability
  • Lowers total cost of ownership and reduces maintenance overheads by up to 50%
  • Offers efficient continuous insight to user access rights
  • Comes with consolidated view on who can perform specific activities resulting in increased productivity and a speedy reaction to emergency access rights issues

Key features


Fully integrated with Avaloq

Each new Avaloq release is managed, and an online connection to the Avaloq database helps resolve emergency issues



Complete audit trail, ‘four-eyes check’ and easy-to-manage internal access levels. Includes an extensive reporting engine with multiple templates


Easy-to-use interface

Customisable views, ‘drag-and-drop’ configuration options, a choice of graphical displays and management of multiple business units



Security set-up synchronization with automatic data reconciliation, delta analysis and flexible script generation for efficient deployment

Key contact


Rémy Boisson

Managing Director

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