Orcat is a product framework developed by Orbium. It has four different modules which save time during data migration and support the validation of anonymised, sensitive data.

Orcat is a framework with multiple modules that supports the Avaloq banking suite, from project to application management.

Key Benefits

  • Simplifies data migration by providing a pre-defined framework and centralized management
  • Increases control by providing access security, process monitoring and auditing
  • Brings flexibility to complex processes thanks to customer-specific rules: Orcat offers single/partial/full execution with pause/restart capability, scheduling and parallel running

Key features


Anonymisation validation

The ability to scan an Avaloq database in order to identify sensitive data that has not been anonymised


Data migration dashboard

Plan and manage the various domains of the migration, with extensive reporting


Data migration execution

Automate data imports and migration within the Avaloq database


Data migration reconciliation

Reconcile data migrated from legacy systems to Avaloq and manage issues over iterations

Key contact


Rémy Boisson

Managing Director

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