Comprehensive and reliable data is vital in banking, forming the basis for all analyses and decisions. As advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics open up new areas of competitive advantage, a master database – a single source of truth – is key. FinCube’s financial data warehouse collects and validates information from all banking activities and provides advanced capabilities for data analyses. It is the single source of truth.

Single Source of Truth

Key Benefits

Increased efficiency

  • Providing master data
  • Avoids data silos and duplication of effort
  • Automated reporting and analysis

Powerful insights

  • Making smarter, data-driven decisions
  • More responsive to market challenges

Key features


Data Quality

Complete, quality-assured data based on automated processes


Flexible & Agile BI Framework

Dashboards and rule-based analyses deliver all the relevant information for effective KPI monitoring during data collection


Unified Data Model

Data can be loaded in various formats from different source systems


Backdated Changes

Complete data history including different parameters and all changes


Business Data Access Layer

Access to the single source of truth


Easy Extendibility

Automatic integration of source system enhancements


Optimized Avaloq Data Adaptor

Based on Avaloq Data Dictionary and assured compatibility thanks to individual version control


Meta Data Management (BCBS 239)

Data lineage allows users to trace data back to the original sources

Other softwares


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SecurEasy is a configurable security setup that enables banks to have complete control over the usage of their Avaloq Banking Suite.
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Orcat was developed to improve the quality of Avaloq codes, save time during migration and support the anonymization of data.
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