Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognise the importance of achieving success in ways that honour ethical commercial values and give back to our global community. To this end, we take “big enough to help, small enough to care” to heart.

Health & Camaraderie


Orbium employees all over the world participate in local fundraising events to promote health and well-being and find ways to give back to the communities where we are based.

Believing that impoverished and underprivileged communities should be the focus of our actions, Orbium employees in Manila donate their time and money to assist orphans, cancer patients and other vulnerable members of the community.

In Europe, our consultants volunteer with organizations such as Caritas, helping on initiatives from spending a day at their premises to supporting training over a few months. Orbium also collaborates with institutions including Geneva Hospital’s RAFT project and donates to similar organisations in Cameroon, Nigeria and Bolivia.

Technology & Connectivity


Technology is making a difference in our everyday lives, but there are many groups around the world that have no access to what has become a basic need in this day and age. Orbium donates laptops to orphans in Madagascar and Indonesia, enabling them to connect to the digital world and empowering them to adopt and use technology effectively.