Thurgauer kantonalbank now relies on the Orbium test automation suite TestMaster

After a careful evaluation phase in which three top software test automation providers were shortlisted, leading Swiss universal bank Thurgauer Kantonalbank has selected TestMaster as their test automation solution. The partnership has already seen a successfully deployment in several application areas. The foundations for this success were laid by a consistent approach to the initial two main steps: evaluation and implementation.

Evaluation phase

Thurgauer Kantonalbank commissioned an external service provider to carry out an exhaustive study of the test automation landscape. The goal was to significantly increase the bank’s automation capabilities. A further objective was providing the infrastructure and learnings to support their Agile development methodology, an intrinsic benefit of the TestMaster suite. By leveraging an Agile environment and TestMaster’s capabilities, the bank will be able to achieve and maintain high-quality standards and decrease their time to market delivery.

We are delighted that Thurgauer Kantonalbank has placed its trust in Orbium and TestMaster. The ability to integrate into the existing application landscape (e.g. with the Avaloq Banking System) and the positive price/performance ratio were the key factors for this decision.

Implementation project

To demonstrate the value of the partnership and the effectiveness of the solution, we launched an implementation project. The focus was on topics such as: integration of TestMaster, training of all users (with technical or business background), prioritisation of manual test cases candidate for automation, implementation of test cases in TestMaster and project management.

The project was completed within a few months and was supported by a single dedicated onsite Orbium testing specialist. An excerpt from the project highlights include:

    • Training of all products users
    • Definition of test automation standards based on best practice to minimise maintenance
    • Focusing automated tests on the Avaloq Data Dictionary level using the TestMaster Avaloq API module to achieve significant time savings during test execution
    • Tests with the TestMaster Avaloq frontend module by business users on the Avaloq Smart Client to cover complex end to end business cases
    • Tests for the current e-banking system through the TestMaster WEB module
    • First automated tests for the analysis of the future e-banking system have already been carried out
    • Several bank internal web applications could also be covered by a testability analysis
    • Ease test data management using synthetic test data creation and the TestMaster test data retrieval engine


“This project has convinced us that TestMaster is the best choice for our needs”

– Valerio Vadini, Head of Test, Thurgauer Kantonalbank


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